What we do

What we do

The effectiveness, independence and development are basic challenges for our company. -Simultaneous taking care to preserve the principles of sustainable development at the crossroads: our client and the environment that surrounds him.

As a competent partner for our customers, EkoNorm, having fifteen years of experience in the functioning of the demanding market on a national scale is one of the leading positions in key areas of its business.

These are:

Investment service – investors, alternative investment, project offices:

  • obtaining a decision on the environmental conditions of the consent for the implementation of planned projects on the basis of prepared documentation:
    • information card
    • environmental impact report
  • preparation of investment to obtain permission to use
  • perform acceptance measurements
  • preparation of post-implementation analysis.


Permits for use of the environment:

Completion of requests for permits to use the environment in different environmental components:

  • integrated permits, including basic reports
  • authorization for release of gases and dust into the air
  • water legal permits
  • waste management license
  • permits to emit greenhouse gases,
  • the implementation of monitoring plans of greenhouse gas emissions.


Support for:

  • implementation of environmental management systems according to ISO 14001
  • audits and conducting ongoing documentation related to the reporting and payment for use of the environment
  • conformity assessment that economic agents operate with the Environmental Protection Law
  • training
  • records and billing for use of the environment
  • outsourcing.


Measurement laboratory services (monitoring):

  • emission measurement – monitoring within a laboratory accredited under the Polish Centre for Accreditation (Accreditation number: AB 877).
  • laboratory accreditation confirms the activity in accordance with the requirements of PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005
  • EkoNorm laboratory is affiliated with the Polish Association of emission Laboratories (www.psle.pl).


Laboratory Department of air protection:

Monitoring of air pollutants emission:

  • gaseous products of combustion
  • organic substances including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and inorganic substances
  • dust substances

The effectiveness of of air protection installation:

  • desulphurization, dust removal, including the effectiveness of interval
  • firing, adsorption, absorption
  • biogas analysis

Parameters of compressed gases:(contents of the oil mist, the number of particles, dew point)

measurement for the selection of air protection system

  • granulometric analysis of PM10, PM2,5, analysis of the fraction of dust.


Laboratory  Department of Acoustics:

  • measurement of industrial, traffic, residential buildings, machinery and equipment noise
  • acoustic power measurements of machinery and equipment
  • “in situ” determination of the effectiveness of noise barriers and setting of occupational exposure to noise
  • sound design (modeling and forecasting, computer graphic visuals).


Aboratory Department of Instrumental Analysis:

  • determination and the concentration of aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons by gas chromatography
  • mark probe of chemical agent absorbed from the air
  • atmospheric gases and working environment.


Land Investigation Laboratory Department:

  • sampling of wastewater and groundwater and streams
  • sampling of water from rivers and streams



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