Scope of accreditation

Scope of accreditation


Our company operates according to  EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005.
All monitoring work performed within a laboratory accredited under the Polish Centre for Accreditation (Accreditation number: AB 877).

Accreditation is important in building and strengthening the trust in the results generated by the laboratory, performed by our measurements, testing and inspection.

Throughout our accredited laboratory you gain, because:

  • accreditation increases credibility of your and our results,
  • accreditation affects the highest quality of products and services and the competence of staff,
  • through accreditation is possible to obtain reliable and precise analysis, and research results in the areas of safety, health and environment (eg, medical analysis, mechanical testing, chemical testing)
  • through reliable information to make any appropriate decisions for themselves such as the environment,
  • do not risk, you do not lose time and money,
  • accreditation opens the door to European and worldwide markets – according to the “tested and certified once – accepted everywhere”
  • it is a guarantee of precise measurements and tests carried out in accordance with best practice, resulting in reducing the number of defective products, reduce costs and production control, and enables the implementation of innovative solutions
  • accreditation reduces the risk of business relations.




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