Safety in industry

Safety in industry

Industrial safety issues are strongly associated with the question of environmental protection. It becomes the standard that in industrial plants these issues are within the scope of responsibilities of EHS (Environment, Health, Safety) departments. Safety, however, is no longer perceived merely as human safety, but also as the safety of the environment.

Violating the safe operation of the installation may result in the leaks to water, soil, fugitive emissions into the air, but also in the event of high violation: fires, explosions, installation leaks and, consequently, emissions of toxic substances into the environment. Both these events and conducted rescue operations are usually a source of significant load and impact on the environment.

It is significant that the legal requirements relating to industrial accidents, were echoed in the Act: the Environmental Protection Law, and one of the main organs of the special administration responsible for the prevention, is in addition to the State Fire Service – Service Inspectorate for Environmental Protection. Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) has also brought a number of requirements standing at the crossroads of environmental and industrial safety.

Our company, which implements its environmental services, dedicates this piece of the offer to areas relating to the reduction of the potential of accident and its consequences: for the life and health of people, as well as the state of the surrounding environment.


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