About Stork
Stork Umwelttechnik GmbH is engaged in the design, manufacture and construction of the plant to remove odors. The company is headquartered in Germany.
Belflor ® Biofilters remove odors from exhaust air in a natural and ecological manner, which involves the use of microorganisms to remove water-soluble substance. The process does not produce waste. In contrast to thermal processes biofilters belflor ® does not require energy input derived from the combustion of fossil fuels. Impurities are oxidized by oxygen in the air, so the process does not result in secondary emissions harmful to the climate.

Principle of activity
The contaminated air is the biofilter supplied by colonize the microorganisms. The odors to be absorbed on the surface of the filter material and removed by the microorganisms. The effectiveness of the biological filter is dependent on the type of microorganisms. The company has many years of experience and technical know-how that allows you to install individual needs of customers with solutions that meet the different requirements. Interference is also the creator of innovative solutions that are currently used in the installed devices. These solutions are patent managed within the whole of Europe.
These are:

  • Belflor ® Biofilters
  • Gas filtration device
  • Air purifiers
  • noise filters.




Air purification installations of Störk arise in many places around the world:
United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, Norway, Iran, Malaysia, Sweden, Finland, Martinique, Poland, Romania, France, Holland, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Croatia, Bulgaria.

The use of microorganisms in biofilters belflor ® allows for  removing odors without generating the waste and without using of chemicals, which significantly reduces the cost of installation. Throug its compact construction equipment facilitates fast development and adaptation to the required parameters. Small devices are ready for use upon arrival and a quick installation, more are being built on the site.

Parameters to offer:
Information on the running process / install, min: process parameters, parameters of air pollution
Stork / EkoNorm offers advice on choosing the right equipment.
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