Measurement Laboratory

Measurement Laboratory

Currently, our laboratory is a separate, independent logistics organizational structure, implementing monitoring work in accordance with current regulatory requirements. In this framework, we offer our clients min. measurements of emissions from stationary sources, study the chemical composition of gas and dust grain and noise measurements. Such studies are necessary to asses the  impact of industrial plants on the environment. It is  also a valuable tool for the optimization of processes by reducing both the impact and cost of doing business.

In its activity, the laboratory uses measuring equipment, satisfy the requirements of the reference methodologies (methods of measurement specified under the Act, adjusting Polish law to EU regulations).

In order to ensure proper quality control in the laboratory, in 2007 we began implementing a quality management system in accordance with  EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005 requirements.  On 1 February 2008 AB we gain the accreditation certificate No. 877, issued by the Polish Centre for Accreditation in Warsaw.

Responsibilities of measuring follow both direct result of higher legal acts (laws, regulations), as well as administrative decisions issued by local authorities. The results of measurements goes to the competent authority for registration and monitoring adherence to the limits granted.

Transfer of the results is in the form of a report, the format and content have been approved by the Ministry of Environment.


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